Our references on complex and international projects show our technical capabilities in several fields focused on offshore energy projects.

  • Offshore wind projects
    Our knowledge covers a wide range of technical engineering services related to Offshore Wind Farms.
  • Floating wind turbines
    Our team helps optimize and engineer the current and next wind generation floating wind turbines and substructures. We have strong simulation capacities for floating offshore wind turbine projects, based on a set of adapted and integrated simulation tools: aerodynamics and aero-elastics, hydrodynamics & structural engineering.
  • Tidal energy
    We provide technical support from prototype design to tidal array development and have a detailed understanding of the current state of the sector. Our technical services include feasibility studies, device and array optimization, foundation design, Concept to Detailed design of substructures and also Balance of Plant engineering.
  • Wave energy
    Challenging technology development requires specialized technical expertise. Our mechanical engineers, naval architects and hydrodynamicsts help optimize a wave energy converter through the deployment phases.
  • Specific projects

French Offshore Wind projects Engineering services

INNOSEA has been in charge of the loads assessments of Wind Turbine and Foundations at Courseulles and Saint-Nazaire wind farms. Monopile foundations, supporting Haliade 150 6MW WTG have been assessed with our structural tools. Calculated loads are used as an input for the structural design of the substructure by Foundation manufacturers later in the Detail Engineering and Fabrication phases. This work has been performed using the aeroelastic software GH Bladed, allowing for the integrated modeling and analysis of the offshore wind turbine.

Tidal turbine foundation design and testing

The aim of this campaign is to assess the loads on the system under combined waves and current, and to compare experimental results obtained with existing numerical loads results, in order to confirm the accuracy and applicability of previous numerical studies performed by Hydroquest. The experimental campaign was carried out at IFREMER test facilities at Boulogne sur Mer (France).

Installation operations engineering

Installation analysis and engineering support activities have been performed for the Baltic 2 offshore wind farm in Germany. The motion analysis of a jack-up barge under different states has been performed for Baltic 2 offshore wind farm. A lifting analysis of Foundations and Transition pieces has been performed. Payload motions have been studied depending on the sea state and on the step of the lifting operation. Engineering support has been delivered succefully for this operation.

Cable layout and stability analysis at Raz Blanchard tidal site

INNOSEA was in charge of the whole basic engineering package for the electrical connection of a tidal pilot plant at Raz Blanchard, involving two tidal turbine technologies. The final objective proposed and evaluated electrical connection scenarios as well as led the RFI / RFQ processes. Those scenarios have been ranked considering associated cost and risks. The most competitive scenario has been considered by the Client for the French tender for pilot tidal plants.

Experimental development and tank testing

For specific projects, INNOSEA has been in charge of the following tasks:

  • Assistance to test campaign definition: definition of the experimental test plan to align with the Client expectations
  • Assistance to scaled model design: scaled model design and measurement & acquisition system procurement and installation.
  • On-site management of the experimental campaign: organization, management and implementation of the experimental test campaign, problem solving and update of the experimental plan if relevant.
  • Post-processing of the experimental results: data treatment, post-processing and analysis of the results, comparison with previous numerical results.

Our experience at your service

INNOSEA participates in the acceleration and growth of Renewable Energies by providing engineering expertise to our clients: utilities, technology and production array developers, manufacturers and installation operators. Our services are designed to increase the profitability and reliability of your projects while reducing all risks.