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    Complex projects require the right tools and tailor-made solutions that we know how develop and that we offer to our clients

InWave Software

InWave is a powerful software for multibody dynamic simulations. This software is used for static and dynamic studies of marine energy systems and offshore operations. InWave includes a Diffraction – Radiation solver for first and second order hydrodynamic coefficients. Pre-processing and post-processing modules are included with a Graphical User Interface.

PREDIN Foundations Software

PREDIN is a software developed by INNOSEA for structural studies. PREDIN allows fast dimensioning of offshore foundations and structures. It is very useful for tender designs, concept and basic structural engineering in particular. PREDIN results include conceptual design of an offshore structure, such as offshore wind foundations, from a simple site dataset and applied loads, such as wind turbine loads. PREDIN is comprehensive and includes ocean loadings, structural analysis and code checking.

IBOCS – Protection ballasts for Offshore Cables

In order to meet the needs of actors in the tidal and offshore industry in general, FMCG and INNOSEA have developed a complete solution for ballast and protection of underwater pipes (cables, pipelines, …) including assembly and laying processes. This product is developed with key players in the entire value chain of the electrical connection and meets the challenges for difficult weather and sea conditions in tidal or wave agitation sites. IBOCS reduces significantly the cost of offshore electrical connections, thereby reducing the cost of procuded energy.

Loads Monitor

We have developed a tool for monitoring the lifetime of fixed wind turbine foundations with its operating data system. The combination of service loads with installation loads, with dedicated sensors and a data acquisition system during the operational ligetime is crossed with aero – elastic studies and extensive structural analyses.