NEMOH is a Boundary Element Methods (BEM) code dedicated to the computation of first order wave loads on offshore structures (added mass, radiation damping, diffraction forces). It has been developed by researchers at Ecole Centrale de Nantes for 30 years. It is still used in many of our research projects. Typical use is estimation of dynamic response of floating structures or performance assessment of wave energy converters.

Unlike other BEM softwares, NEMOH’s approach decouples the resolution of the linear free surface Boundary Value Problem (BVP) and the definition of the boundary condition on the body (body condition). This feature makes it easy to deal with flexible structure, hydroelasticity, generalised modes and unconventional degrees of freedom with NEMOH.

Download Nemoh GUI

!! RELEASE DATE 11/12/2017 !!

INNOSEA is releasing a free Nemoh Graphical User Interface "Nemoh GUI" that can be downloaded through filling a simple form. We are looking to support the Nemoh user community with this version and are looking forward to comments and requests.

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